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The 360 Mall Virtual Store

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Platform Overview

Conversion rate





Shoppers can browse and interact with retailers custom 3D Virtual Store - a replica of a bricks & mortar store.


Shoppers can click, zoom and spin retailers products that we model in 3D.


Retailers entire catalogue is loaded dynamically into supplementary 2D product galleries.


Users interact with the Virtual Store using their keyboard and mouse, or by finger-touch on mobile/tablet devices.

compatibile with
existing platforms

Every aspect of our platform is designed to be seamless for retailers. No excessive manpower required.

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The 360 Mall will sit on any existing website through an iFrame, with no customisation required.


Retailers products will be imported, and updated, through a CSV or XML feed. Orders will go through retailers checkout.

The 360 Mall on a retailer's website

Store Design Process

Stage One


Retailers provide photographs of a physical store, or sketches/description of a store concept, as a design reference.

Virtual Store design

Stage Two


We design the layout of retailers Virtual Store.

The 360 Mall 3D store layout

Stage Three


We 3D model selected products from 2D product images and position them in the Virtual Store.

The 360 Mall 3D Product

Stage Four


We package the Virtual Store and provide retailers one line of code (an iFrame) to put where the Virtual Store will sit on their website.

The 360 Mall 3D Virtual Store


A Virtual Store is a 3D replica of retailer's physical store (or a new concept). Users interact with the Virtual Store using their keyboard and mouse, or by finger-touch on mobile/tablet devices. Additionally, within the Virtual Store shoppers can click, zoom and spin retailers products that we model in 3D.

We design each store either from a few reference photographs of a physical store, or from a concept (i.e. sketches or descriptions). For established bricks & mortar retailers, this can be a great way to test out new store layouts and positioning prior to physically constructing the store.

No. We take care of everything. We estimate retailers only require a total of 3 hours to setup a Virtual Store - this includes sending us what we require, reviewing the store and implementing it.

Online shopping, as it stands, is good. It is quick and easy to find what you're after. However, for those who don't know what they are exactly after - online shopping is boring, dull and lacks engagement. In fact, 50% of consumers say they could be better engaged by online retailers, which is no surprise given that e-commerce is dominated by flat, one-dimensional webpages. We replace this lack-luster process with magnificent Virtual Stores designed to provide a more engaging way for customers to shop. To sum it up, there is a $695 million market that Australian retailers are neglecting by not engaging their customers sufficiently - we help retailers access this market.

No. We licence Virtual Store’s on a month-to-month basis.

We import retailers products into the Virtual Store through a CSV or XML feed. Products will then be updated daily via the product feed. We don’t require any specific field names for the feeds.

No. We send shoppers back to retailers website to complete checkout.

Initially, no. We have put our Virtual Mall to the side in order to focus on getting the instore experience right. Once we achieve this, we will seek to collaborate with our retailers and bring our Virtual Mall to life (it's built and ready!). Retailers will be able to use the same Virtual Store (though it will be feature enhanced!).

Our platform is built using the latest tech - it is very scalable and compatible with most modern devices. Some older browsers may face compatibility issues, though our platform works on the latest version of all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Edge), as well as some older versions. See if your browser is compatible here:

We provide a range of standard analytics, such as product clicks, product views, store views, conversion rate, etc. We also offer a unique form of analytics - store hot spots, which is a heatmap of retailers Virtual Store showing the popular areas of the store. We are continually improving the sort of analytics we can offer.

We invoice at the start of each month (based on the licence date). Monthly fees are due within 14 days.

We will have the Virtual Store ready to go live within 3-4 weeks from when the terms are signed and deposit is paid. This may fluctuate depending on demand, as well as approval turnaround times.

We package the Virtual Store and provide retailers with an iFrame to implement on their website. There are no modifications required to retailers own website - it is just 2 small code snippets to copy paste.

No it isn’t. However, additional fees will apply.

No you don't. However, additional fees will apply.

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And gain access to a $695M market

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