How can you access the $695M market?

Key Drivers for Experiential Commerce

  • Lack of differentiation with competition257%
  • Low conversion rates44%
  • Lack of brand understanding from consumers43%

Our Solution

  • Increases conversion rates
  • Increases cross-selling
  • Increases customer satisfaction, engagement & loyalty
  • Increases brand awareness


  • Online shopping is undeniably lacking the in-store experience. Shoppers are bored of browsing through countless flat, relatively undifferentiated, pages online, where it is just click and move on.
  • PWC surveyed 23,000 shoppers and found that there is room for retailers to obtain the “leading innovator” title. Only 15% of shoppers believe that their favourite retailer is a leading innovator.3
  • 43% of retailers believe consumers lack understanding of their brand.2 A customised Virtual Store is designed to enhance retailers branding online, which influences customer perceptions and drives store choice and loyalty.4


Retailer stat

of existing customers would visit retailers website more, if it became more interactive.1


Consumer stat

say online content drives their loyalty to a brand.5


  • Our platform is a mechanism to make it easier for consumers to find what they desire, and for retailers to promote their products, in a more appealing and interactive manner. We improve customer engagement.
  • 85% of online shoppers browse without buying, at least slightly often. Our research found that experiential commerce increases the likelihood of converting these shoppers.6
  • 42% of existing customers would transact more often on their favourite online retailers website if the merchant implemented an interactive shopping feature.1 The 360 Mall offers retailers a pioneering platform to embrace this opportunity.


Retailer stat

relative increase in conversion rates when a retailer effectively implements experiential shopping.1


Consumer stat

could be better engaged by retailers online.6


  • Retailers spend thousands on strategically planning the layout of their physical stores, and it is effective. However, online, this knowledge is lost and promotional noise dominates.
  • Our platform is optimised to display complementary items and recommended product pairings. Along with layout flow, this is proven to increase cross-selling.
  • We utilise the strategic planning and product positioning from the physical world to better attract consumers interest and, therefore, increase retailers conversions, cross-selling, visits and revenue.
Increase cross-selling with The 360 Mall Shop the Look feature


Retailer stat

increase in cross-selling, from an effective experiential commerce solution.1


Consumer stat

want the future of online shopping to focus on better product representation.6


Retailers are given access to a portal to manage the Virtual Store. Our team will set the store up on the portal, including all products.

  • Retailers have a portal to manage store details, monitor how the store and individual products are performing, and show the store hotspots.
  • The Virtual Store is hosted on The 360 Mall servers, and we take care of any associated maintenance.
  • Retailers products automatically update on our site, through a CSV or XML feed.
  • We are continually improving our analytics to give the best insights about product popularity, product positioning, cross-selling and more. Our analytics intend to give a deeper insight than what standard e-commerce analytics are able to.


By the end of 2015, 35% of e-commerce transactions in Australia were completed on mobile devices.7

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1The 360 Mall Online Shopping Research November 2016 (825 Australian 18-34yr old online shoppers, 6% margin of error); 2 CoreMedia Experiential Commerce Survey Report - IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit; 3 PWC Total Retail Survey 2016; 4 Understanding retail branding: conceptual insights and research priorities 2004, Journal of Retailing, vol. 80, no. 4.; 5 NewsCred Insights; 6 The 360 Mall Online Shopping Survey February 2016 (<5% margin of error); 7 PFSweb 2016 Australia eCommerce Market profile.