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Increase conversion rates, cross-selling, customer engagement, and brand awareness.

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Platform Overview

Our platform merges the best elements of physical and online shopping into an unprecedented holistic virtual shopping platform.

3D Virtual Store

3D Interactive Products

Engaging Experience

Increase in Sales

Increase Cross-Selling

Our platform is optimised to display complementary items and recommended product pairings. Along with layout flow, this is proven to increase cross-selling. We adopt the strategic planning and layout of retailers physical stores. Clearly, in-store strategies are far more likely to generate sales: 65% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase when they are in a physical store than when on the retailer's website

Our Insights

Our solution is a culmination of over 5 years of research and development in Australia and Silicon Valley.

$695 Million Market Gap Found in Australian Retail Industry

How might Australian retailers best differentiate themselves from competitors, improve customer engagement, and increase conversions? Consumer studies

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Here's an Omni-Channel Strategy for Retailers to Break into a $695M Market Gap

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