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Here’s an Omni-Channel Strategy for Retailers to Break into a $695M Market Gap

Since 67% of consumers find the current online and on-site shopping experience detached, retailers must step up to address this. In doing so, retailers will gain access to an untapped $695m untapped market in online retail. From a branding perspective, it's concerning that 72% of shoppings can't associate a retailer's in-store brand with their corresponding website, without seeing the logo.

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58% of Online Shoppers Want Less ‘Promotional Noise’

When 50% of existing online shoppers can be better engaged by ecommerce websites, we know it's time for retailers to step up. The problem behind this is 46% of consumers still compare online shopping to on-site shopping. Yet, 55% find the brick-and-mortar experience superior to that of e-commerce.

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$695 million Market Gap Found in Australian Retail Industry

The online retail industry has a hyper focus on transaction speed, which has seen retailers neglect the progress and innovation necessary to provide consumers with a complete shopping experience. The problem for retailers is that transaction speed is expected, but it's not rewarded - 55% say it doesn't foster brand loyalty and 87% say it does not increase their spending amount or frequency.

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